Direct-Download Torrents Securely

As I’ve outlined here, downloading torrents or magnet files present significant privacy issues for those who download files in this manner, whether it’s once or on a regular basis. Even though the act of downloading torrents should be legal anywhere, it’s so stigmatized that, from my perspective, you should consistently use third-party services when downloading anything via bittorrent or magnet links.

If you’re like me and don’t have a preference on how you download files: filehosting sites or torrents, whichever is easier, then you could benefit greatly from using LinkSnappy’s services to download files.

This post is a walkthrough for downloading magnet links (or torrent files) using LinkSnappy’s torrent downloader. Which, while it’s not quite as simple as downloading files with your own internet connection, it’s potentially faster and offers significant privacy protection – essentially anonymous torrent downloads.

Adding torrent / magnet links

Once you’re logged into your LinkSnappy account, click on the ‘Download’ tab from the main menu. Then, click ‘Torrents’, and drag & drop your torrent files, upload them, or paste your magnet URIs (links) into the field. Personally, I’m preferring magnet links lately because .torrent files may be missing from a download server for whatever reason:

Linksnappy torrent downloader tool - add magnet links

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Add Files’ or ‘Magnet’, you’ll see a list of files parsed. You can click on ‘View’ to proceed:

LinkSnappy torrent / magnet download process

Downloading torrents with LinkSnappy

On the next page, you’ll see a list of your torrents — those completed, in process, and ready to start. To start the download, simply press the ‘Start’ button:

LinkSnappy torrent downloads - status page

You’ll be able to track your torrents’ progress as files are downloaded. In my experience, torrents download much, much faster on LinkSnappy than I could with my own connection; I’ve seen download speeds up to 30MB/s whereas I can only download up to around 7MB/s with my personal internet connection. Sure, you still have to download most files, but some video files can be played directly from LinkSnappy’s website, and you get built-in privacy protection so your IP address isn’t seen as downloading torrents.

Linksnappy torrent download tool - status page

Saving torrent downloads to your computer

You can download torrent files directly to your computer. There is a ‘zip’ option available, or you can download files individually if you want. Overall, download speeds from LinkSnappy’s torrent-storage servers have been decent for me. Regularly I can max out my internet connection’s download speed when downloading 2 or more files simultaneously:

Downloading torrent files directly from LinkSnappy

Now, I use Chrome generally, and it historically hasn’t been the fastest browser for downloading files. I’ve used Citrio on Windows, and that was consistently much faster for downloads due to the built-in download manager. Also, using a dedicated download manager may provide faster download speeds than through a web browser due to allowing multi-segment downloads.

More privacy for downloading files

LinkSnappy is a great tool for downloading files, and provides a great deal of privacy and privacy-focused options, both inherent to the platform and added bonuses for members. Members’ filehoster downloads (Depfile, Keep2Share, Rapidgator, etc) and torrent/magnet downloads are done with LinkSnappy’s IP addresses, meaning that the downloads aren’t tied to your personal internet account or current IP address. You can also use a VPN with LinkSnappy, which further hides your download activity.

If you don’t have a LinkSnappy account yet, I highly recommend that you check them out today.

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