Easy Magnet Downloads with Chrome

There are a few different ways to download via bittorrent / magnet links with your LinkSnappy account, but it doesn’t get much easier than when you’re using the Chrome browser plugin. Here I’ll outline the steps necessary to download magnet links with LinkSnappy straight from your web browser.

Getting Started – Personal Preferences & Setup

LinkSnappy Chrome plugin settings page screenshot
My LinkSnappy Chrome plugin settings

I use Google Chrome, but when I was using a Windows OS, my preference was Citrio, which is a Chromium-based web browser. It has a built-in download manager that I feel is better than any extension / adddon-based download manger I’ve used with Chrome.

When downloading files with your web browser, you really should try to use some kind of download manager as downloads may run faster than when using a browser’s default download functions. For Chrome, I use the Chrono Download Manger, which seems to work quite well.

Additionally, I highly recommend that you use a VPN when downloading files through your browser. Most people opt for a VPN that protects all of their computer or network connections, but there are also Chrome plugins available for protecting only your web-browsing sessions. I’ve used Private Internet Access for years, and they have a Chrome browser plugin, but there are several other options available.

Simple, 2-Click Step to Downloading Torrents with LinkSnappy

Magnet Link / Bittorrent Example Image
Go to your favorite website where you find torrents or magnet links, right-click on the magnet link (similar to the image on the right), then select ‘Download with LinkSnappy’ from your browser context menu:
Download with LinkSnappy Chrome context menu option

That’s it. Depending on a few factors, the file(s) should be immediately available or available within a few minutes. You can check your torrent download status by left-clicking on the LinkSnappy icon in your Chrome browser’s toolbar:

LinkSnappy Chrome plugin torrent status

Once it’s done, simple click on the title of the file you want to download, and it’ll open up to your LinkSnappy account so you can download the file and save it to your computer:

Save torrent to hard drive from LinkSnappy account

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