Depfile Premium Multihoster

Depfile is a relatively popular and long-running premium filehosting and filesharing service. They are also one of the more expensive premium account filehosters that premium multihosters attempt to offer their members.

Depfile premium account prices

For 30 days of service, Depfile premium costs $19.95 USD. This allows you to download up to 40GB per day of standard and premium-only downloads. The costs per month go down if you’re willing to purchase 3-month, 6-month or 1-year accounts:

Screenshot of Depfile Premium Account Prices

While a Depfile premium account is almost twice as expensive as many other one-click hosters (Uploaded, Rapidgator, UploadRocket, Turbobit, etc), they’ve been in business for 3-4 years now, so people definitely are willing to keep purchasing premium accounts from them.

Alternative to Depfile Premium Accounts

It’s possible to download from Depfile, even premium-only Depfile download links, without having to spend $19.95 for 30 days of service. To do this, you need a premium multihoster account that supports Depfile downloads, and LinkSnappy does this. With a LinkSnappy Elite account, you can download from Depfile, but more than that, you can also download from FileFactory, Rapidgator, Keep2Share, SendSpace and more with that same account. Further, you also get secure torrent downloads with your LinkSnappy account.

Depfile Premium vs Multihoster + Depfile Support

Purchasing a multihoster account that supports Depfile downloads is not equal to purchasing a Depfile premium account. While downloads in jDownloader or other download tools work exactly the same for Depfile premium and LinkSnappy Elite for Depfile downloads — same speeds, same download successes — there are some important differences you should consider.

  • Daily download limits – With Depfile premium, you have bigger daily download limits. Depfile presently offers 40GB per day for premium members. If you need more than that, you’ll either need to purchase a second Depfile account or supplement that with a LinkSnappy account. LinkSnappy’s daily limits are posted on the hoster status page, but is presently 25GB / day.
  • Customer support – If you have a Depfile premium account and downloads aren’t working, you can contact Depfile directly to try to resolve the issue. If you have Depfile access through LinkSnappy or any other multihoster / debrid service, you can’t contact Depfile as you do not have an account with them.
  • Guaranteed access – When you buy a Depfile premium account, you are paying for access to faster Depfile downloads. When you purchase a LinkSnappy account, you’re paying for premium access to whichever hosting sites they support, not necessarily Depfile.
  • Download options – Purchasing a Depfile premium account, you get fast access to any Depfile download link you can find. With a LinkSnappy account, you get fast access to Depfile and 50+ other sites plus secure torrent / magnet link downloads through the member’s area.

The bottom line is this: if you only need to download from Depfile, it’s probably best to get a Depfile premium account. If you’re looking to download from Depfile and maybe a few other filehosting sites as a premium member, this is when grabbing a LinkSnappy account makes a lot more sense. You can get 4 months with LinkSnappy for the same price as 2 months with Depfile, so it is certainly a lot cheaper to download from Depfile with a multihoster account if that works for your download needs.

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