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Keep2Share is a long-time favorite “cloud” filehosting site. It’s been around for several years that I know of, and you can find Keep2share ( download links in various locations such as forums or blogs. While I don’t recall seeing keep2share download links for games or PC software as much, I know that they are a popular filehoster for video such as TV shows, movies and miscellaneous video clips.

How to Download from Keep2Share

There are three main ways to download files from Keep2Share:

  • For free – if you only need to download a couple of files, and they are smaller than 500MB, you can download from K2S without an account. Free downloads are slower and have delay timers, but should be fine for small downloads if you’re not in a hurry
  • Premium account – if you want to download from K2S regularly, a good option is to get a Keep2Share premium account. You can download up to 20GB per day, and you can download large files and download faster than with free downloads
  • Multihoster account – If you want to be able to download more keep2share-hosted files than you can download for free, but you don’t need to download 20GB per day, a good alternative might be a multihoster like like LinkSnappy

Keep2Share Premium vs Multihoster with K2S Downloads

Premium accounts from filehosting sites like Keep2share (Depfile, FileFactory, Turbobit, Rapidgator, etc) are great options when you need to download large files or a large number of files from a specific filehosting site over time. However, if you can download files from multiple different filehosters, instead of only one specific filehoster, this is when multihoster services may be a better option.

A LinkSnappy Elite account costs about the same as a Keep2Share premium account for 30 days. However, LinkSnappy is not simply a premium account alternative, rather it’s an affordable option for downloading from multiple filehosting sites just like a premium account member.

As of this writing, LinkSnappy support Keep2Share downloads (I’ve verified this with my account) and offers members 5GB per day. You can check the current status on the service status page.

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