Should You Buy a Multihoster Account?

Multihoster services like LinkSnappy allow you to download files from several different websites, some just like you have a premium account. Premium accounts make a lot of sense when you want to:

  • Download files faster
  • Download more files, more often
  • Bypass ads and download delay timers
  • Download multiple files from one hoster at the same time, in parallel

Plus, you need to use a premium account when you have premium-only download links like some filehosters use. Linksnappy makes all this possible because it gives you access to multiple premium accounts through one single LinkSnappy Elite account.

Now, this isn’t to say that multihoster services are the best option for everybody who wants to download files. Some people might be better off buying a premium account from a filehosting site directly. My goal here is to help you decide which option is best for you.

Multihosters and Premium Account Download Limits

When you get an account with LinkSnappy or any multihost/debrid-type service, this doesn’t mean you have unlimited downloads from all of the websites they support. In fact, very few premium filehosting services actually provide unlimited downloads to their own members. Here are a couple of examples:

Depfile logo screenshot
If you have a Depfile premium account, you’re allowed to download 40GB per day, which the counter resets at midnight GMT. Not too long ago, this limitation used to be 100 files per day for premium members. Logo - Screenshot
Keep2Share limits member downloads to 20GB per day, but on the first day of membership users can download an additional 30GB, so 50GB total on day #1, then 20GB per day limits thereafter.

So, because many filehosting sites themselves do not provide unlimited downloads to their own members, third-party services like LinkSnappy cannot realistically provide unlimited downloads to you for all sites, either. Instead, as a LinkSnappy member, in a lot of cases, you have the ability to download files from these premium downloading sites up to a certain daily limit, which is likely lower than the limit provided directly through the filehosting sites themselves. The tradeoff, however, is that you can download from sites like, Rapidgator, Depfile, Keep2Share and so on with a LinkSnappy account whereas a premium Rapidgator account only allows you to download files hosted on Rapidgator, as an example.

Multihoster vs Premium Filehost Account Costs

The costs of a multihoster service when compared to a single premium filehosting site account are one of the reasons people choose services like LinkSnappy to begin with. On average, popular premium filehosting accounts cost around $12 USD per month, whether you’re buying service for one month or 6 months. LinkSnappy is a bit different from alternate services, though, because you get a 90-day voucher when you purchase a 6-month account, this lowers the per-month price down to just over $6 USD.

Here’s a comparison of prices between LinkSnappy and several premium filehosting services:

Service1 month6 monthsCost Per Day¹

All prices are in USD as listed for each service
All listed premium account filehosters supported with a LinkSnappy account as of May 14, 2017
¹ Cost per day calculated based on 6-month rate or equivalent
² Keep2Share does not have a 6-month package, so using 3 month price instead
³ LinkSnappy provides a 90-day voucher when purchasing a 6-month package, calculated based on 270 days

Single Filehoster vs Multihoster Service – Download Options

When it comes to direct download sources, which, this is where you find files to download, you can group them in two ways:

  • Those with large, varied filehoster support
  • Those with limited filehoster support

For example, you might find your downloads through a forum or site that uses Rapidgator or Keep2Share almost exclusively for all downloads. Or, you might get your downloads from sites that list all kinds of different download options for files: you’ll see Rapidgator,, UploadRocket, FileFactory and a number of other, less-popular filehosting services to download files from.

If you find that all of your download links are for the same service, such as every file you want is a Rapidgator or Depfile download link, you’ll probably be better off buying a premium account from these services. However, if you regularly see download links from different services where you find files, then a multihoster service might be more ideal for your usage.

Should you get a multihoster account?

If you understand what multihoster services like LinkSnappy really offer, which is access to multiple different premium filehosting sites along with (usually) unlimited access to dozens or scores of other filehosting sites and/or video-streaming sites through one account, then here’s a good way to decide:

  • If you only see Depfile download links where you find files, for example, you’re probably better off buying a Depfile premium accounts versus trying to use a multihoster service to only download files from Depfile. You can exchange Depfile with Rapidgator, Uploaded, FileFactory, Turbobit, etc for this example.
  • If you see download links from multiple different filehosting sites where you find files, for instance you can download from Rapidgator, oBoom,, Keep2Share or more, then grabbing a LinkSnappy account makes a lot of sense.

Now, it’s not uncommon for people to purchase multiple premium accounts: I did this regularly before I knew that multihoster services existed. If you’re able to purchase a couple of premium accounts and it makes sense for what you download, buying both a regular premium account from a filehosting site and from a multihoster service like LinkSnappy can add substantial value and give you significantly more high-speed download options so you can download files faster.

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