New: Premium Torrent Storage

For the past year, LinkSnappy has offered 25GB free storage for members’ torrent and magnet downloads. While this isn’t a lot of space for a regular downloader, the 25GB of free cloud storage works perfectly fine for my own use. As of July 10th, 2017, LinkSnappy has opened up some premium torrent storage packages for new and existing members:

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Torrent Downloads & Privacy

Even though torrent downloads are on the decline with direct-download services being used instead, people still like to download files using torrents. We also have magnet links today as an alternative to torrent-file downloads, which offers the same end result.

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Direct-Download Torrents Securely

As I’ve outlined here, downloading torrents or magnet files present significant privacy issues for those who download files in this manner, whether it’s once or on a regular basis. Even though the act of downloading torrents should be legal anywhere, it’s so stigmatized that, from my perspective, you should consistently use third-party services when downloading anything via bittorrent or magnet links.

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Should You Buy a Multihoster Account?

Multihoster services like LinkSnappy allow you to download files from several different websites, some just like you have a premium account. Premium accounts make a lot of sense when you want to:

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