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Rapidgator is a long-time-running filehosting service. It gained widespread fame after Megaupload was taken down way back in 2012, as many other filehosting sites did, and had even planned to shut its doors that same year. Despite that, in 2017 Rapidgator is as popular as ever, and downloads from the service area quite popular, especially on forums, but also scene release sites and blogs.

How to Download from Rapidgator

There are three primary ways to download files from Rapidgator:

  • As a free user – Whether you’re registered with Rapidgator or choose to download files from Rapidgator without an account, you have that option. However, as per their terms, free downloads are severely limited. You can download, at most, 3 files per day: files cannot be more than 300MB and you’re limited to 300kbps speeds. There are ways around these limits, but unless you really only need a couple of files from Rapidgator and they’re small, it’s generally not worth the effort trying to bypass their free download restrictions.
  • With a premium account – Rapidgator offers more premium account packages than most other premium filehosting services. There are multiple options for 1 month, 2 months, 6 months and 1 year premium packages. There are monthly bandwidth limits / data caps with Rapidgator premium accounts, but they are clearly listed on the signup page. Each premium account package offers at least 1TB of bandwidth.
  • With a multihoster account – Because Rapidgator is such a popular download source, any multihoster that’s worth considering provides support for Rapidgator downloads. LinkSnappy does. If you have the option to download from Keep2Share, TurboBit, FileFactory, Depfile, alongside Rapidgator, using a multihoster should be at the top of your list.

Rapidgator Premium Costs vs Premium Multihoster + Rapidgator

At face value, Rapidgator premium accounts cost a bit more than the average of $12 USD / €10 EUR for 1 month of service. The fact that they have monthly bandwidth limits (1TB, or more for bigger packages) really isn’t a big deal as many premium filehosting services have some limitations in place for their paid membership accounts, only not all of them are advertised. However, because there are so many different places that have Rapidgator download links, $14.99 USD or less for a month of service is a decent tradeoff.

Now, if you only need to download from Rapidgator and no other filehosters ( or download links), then by all means, you should buy a premium account from them directly. However, if you see other filehosting site download links where you find files, like Depfile, oBoom, FilesFactory, OpenLoad, UpToBox, etc, then you should consider the cost of LinkSnappy, which is $12.99 USD for one month, or as low as $6.11 USD per month if you buy a package with bonus service days.

Rapidgator premium – final thoughts

The one thing I can say about downloading from Rapidgator based on random experiences over the years is that downloads are generally pretty fast. While I’ve purchased and renewed multiple premium accounts from Rapidgator, my primary usage of the service anymore is through a multihoster account. Multihoster accounts just make the most sense if you download from multiple different filehosting sites, and especially if you might benefit from secure torrent downloads.

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