Download From Rapidgator

Rapidgator filehoster logo
Rapidgator is a long-time-running filehosting service. It gained widespread fame after Megaupload was taken down way back in 2012, as many other filehosting sites did, and had even planned to shut its doors that same year. Despite that, in 2017 Rapidgator is as popular as ever, and downloads from the service area quite popular, especially on forums, but also scene release sites and blogs.

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Depfile Premium Multihoster

Depfile is a relatively popular and long-running premium filehosting and filesharing service. They are also one of the more expensive premium account filehosters that premium multihosters attempt to offer their members.

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Should You Buy a Multihoster Account?

Multihoster services like LinkSnappy allow you to download files from several different websites, some just like you have a premium account. Premium accounts make a lot of sense when you want to:

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