New: Premium Torrent Storage

For the past year, LinkSnappy has offered 25GB free storage for members’ torrent and magnet downloads. While this isn’t a lot of space for a regular downloader, the 25GB of free cloud storage works perfectly fine for my own use. As of July 10th, 2017, LinkSnappy has opened up some premium torrent storage packages for new and existing members:

Linksnappy's Torrent Storage Prices

For some people, this could be a good alternative to using a seedbox. Though I’ve never used a seedbox service myself, a cursory look shows that 100GB torrent storage for $4.99 is overall comparable. If you already use LinkSnappy or are thinking of trying it out, it may be worthwhile to check into these larger torrent storage packages. You may be able to find more information on their website, but this is all that is available as of this writing.

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