Update: Unlimited Rapidagator

As of May 2019, you can now download many more files from Rapidgator with your LinkSnappy account. Instead of a 30GB daily limit, Rapidgator downloads are now unlimited:

Rapidgator premium download update - May 2019, Linksnappy.com

To be clear, LinkSnappy has a 75GB daily limit that applies for the combined total downloads for all filehosters (torrent downloads don’t count toward that), but this is a major upgrade, nonetheless.

As per a post on their official Facebook page, if you’re using jDownloader to download from Rapidgator, you’ll want to grab their latest plugin, which is available on the downloads page, then click jDownloader, then scroll to the bottom of the page to get the file.

Rapidgator patch for jDownloader and LinkSnappy Elite - May 2019

Apparently they’re working on adding more unlimited filehosters, so this is a fantastic update.

August 2019 update

As of late July / early August 2019, Rapidgator’s daily download limit has been lowered to 30GB. There was a period when Rapidgator was mostly down or unusable during this period, and LinkSnappy issued a 7-day voucher to all Elite members during that period as compensation. Whether or not Rapidgator will return to unlimited or have the daily limit increased is unknown.

‘Unlimited’ is a good buzz word, and for the average person, unlimited plans, packages or accounts should be able to meet the needs of an average use case. However, at the end of the day, there’s no such thing as unlimited when it comes to bandwidth, data transfer, data storage, etc. There is always a limit somewhere at some point, and the number of limiting factors increase when you have multiple parties, datacenters, ISPs, etc involved. In a practical sense, unlimited is or can easily be true. In a literal sense, it is not and cannot be.

I’ll probably make a post on this point at a later time, but thought it fitting to put here.

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